Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Beaux!

Friday, March 27th was Beaux's 18th birthday!!! It is both exciting and terrifying! The next night was his senior prom.

Beaux and Sami

We were talking and Beaux said...

"I can't believe I am 18. I am an adult now! I am responsible for myself...I have to get a job and work for the rest of my life...If I get into any trouble it is no longer a slap on the wrist I will go to jail!"

Beaux and Sami's funky shoes

Hallelujah, he has regained his senses! For any of you raising a teenager and are in the depths of "will they grow up and ever be a responsible member of society?" there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Casey, Emma, Beaux & Riley

Beaux, I love you. I love your smile, I love your hugs, I love how fun you are to be around. I love how kind you are to your brother and sisters. Happy Birthday!


  1. Beaux is evidence of your very amazing parenting. I love your advice, I love to hear your stories and think about whay I will do when my kids get that age. I think you do such a great job, I am always happy for your advice.

    This week I SWEAR I am going to implement the shower principle. I just keep forgetting about it in the heat of the moment. Ha. Maybe it's ME who needs the cold shower!

  2. I agree with Betina. You are an amazing mother!

    I've always enjoyed Beaux friendly waves and happy smiles! I can't believe you have an adult as a child! WOW!

  3. See, now, I'm curious about said shower principle.
    - Janni

  4. This blows me away. I can't believe Beaux is 18! Happy Birthday Beaux!