Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Beaux!

Friday, March 27th was Beaux's 18th birthday!!! It is both exciting and terrifying! The next night was his senior prom.

Beaux and Sami

We were talking and Beaux said...

"I can't believe I am 18. I am an adult now! I am responsible for myself...I have to get a job and work for the rest of my life...If I get into any trouble it is no longer a slap on the wrist I will go to jail!"

Beaux and Sami's funky shoes

Hallelujah, he has regained his senses! For any of you raising a teenager and are in the depths of "will they grow up and ever be a responsible member of society?" there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Casey, Emma, Beaux & Riley

Beaux, I love you. I love your smile, I love your hugs, I love how fun you are to be around. I love how kind you are to your brother and sisters. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 4th Child

When Beaux was little I chose his clothes every day. Everything matched all the way to his undies. He had more shoes than I did. If ever he thought that something didn't quite match the rest of his clothes (at the age of three) he would go find something that did. He always had the latest hair cuts to match his cool uncles. If he ever had a speck of dirt on him or a hair out of place it was fixed in a jiffy. I always had baby wipes. He was picture perfect. He was the first child...

Let's just say things have changed! This is the t-shirt Emma decorated herself. She used a purple pen she got from the dentist. She was so proud of her work. So I let her wear it to school. She took the pen with her and let all of her friends sign it too. Such is the life of a fourth child. By the fourth child Mom and Dad have learned to relax. Jesse once took the kids to Walmart in costumes. Casey was Superman, Riley was a cheerleader/ballerina, and Emma was dressed in her Christmas dress...purse, hat and all.

Life is easier for a fourth child. Life is easier for Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tender Mercies

Now and then I become too focused on me and forget to look outward. My life has been so blessed even when I am undeserving. I give a little and receive tenfold. I feel foolish for the last post. A little boy in a Colfax family was burned on his leg due to a smoldering brush fire. I ache for this family. It makes me see how fragile our perfect lives are. It makes me look at a bigger picture and forget the silly things I dwell on sometimes. I see the tender mercies God bestows upon me and my family daily. I pray for tender mercies for this family. I pray this little boy will heal quickly and not experience too much pain. I pray for this family's comfort and peace during this trial. And I thank God more fervently for the blessings I have.

Monday, March 2, 2009

All's well that ends well

Last week everything seemed to go wrong. Each day brought more bad news. I did my best to keep my head up until Thursday when the little cabin we had planned to build on the river side of our property got nixed. Come to find out that that side of the land is not just flood plane, but it is considered the river bed. That means nothing... not the barn we have planned for the pasture area, not a cover for a future picnic area at the campsite, and definitely not any sort of dwelling could be built, absolutely nothing! Well, what can fix a bad mood... only chocolate and lots of it! Jesse went to the store, got a movie and chocolate while I laid on the floor wallowing in self pity in front of the heater. Oh ya, it also snowed that day. Casey asked if there was anything I wanted him to do. Everyone seemed to sense that mom was done for. (Maybe I should do that more often) I promised them all that I would be just fine and I would "suck it up" and get over it soon.
I am happy to report that the chocolate, movie and a good night's rest made it all better.

The week ended well... Saturday was great. We had my brother David's kids for the day. We don't see them very often so this was a fun day of spoiling them! We went to a movie, McDonald's and home to play dress ups and video games! They are so sweet and it was fun to have the opportunity to form a stronger bond with them. Bella and Gracie really took to Jesse. When it was time to leave they ran to him to give him a big hug and bypassed me both on the way to him and on the return. That's okay, he is the fun one. I got a hug before we left from Mary, Bella and Grace, and a high five from Nathaniel! (He is at the no hugging stage) Here is an adorable picture of the cousins at McDonald's.

All's well that ends well!