Friday, February 20, 2009

Table Manners

We have tried to teach table manners to our children. The hope is that when they are not in our home they will hear our voices in their heads... "Don't talk with food in your mouth, use your fork correctly, don't take too big of bites, keep your elbows off the table etc. etc. It seems an impossible feat sometimes. I have considered using my Dad's method of teaching... stabbing the back of our hand with a fork if we reached in front of him or used our fingers instead of our utensils. (FYI he never drew blood) It worked though and I can confidently say that most of the 9 children in the Stoner family have successfully mastered table manners. We have tried triangles placed above their plates that we remove when a rule is broken. Three strikes and you leave the table. That worked for a little while. I would love to hear any suggestions of what works for you because this is how things go in our house...

We were at the dinner table and Riley was three at the time. She burped loudly and I reminded her that...

"We do not burp at the table, you need to be a lady and use your manners."

Her reply was "Mom, can you be the lady? I am just a little girl that likes to burp and fart."

(She may have been switched at birth... the Stoner family did not discuss such things let alone do them in front of people and when you did them by yourself you were still ashamed)

Fast forward five years.

Me - "Riley, we do not eat with our fingers"

Riley - "Maybe you don't"

Two weeks later.

Jesse - "Riley, you need to take smaller bites that will fit in your mouth"

Riley - "The big ones fit too, see..."

Needless to say, she has missed some privelages lately. (She is sweet and tender a good 80% of the time and secretly I think it is funny to see this side of her personality, but don't tell her that.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beaux's Senior Pics

Here are a few of Beaux's Senior pictures. We went down to Lewiston and had them taken by Mike McElhatton of Digital Arts Photography. I got the senior picture package on a radio auction last summer. I think they turned out really well. The last one is my favorite. It is the smile that shows his personality the best. What a handsome kid!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A rough start

I hate to pump gas. We all jumped in the car to head for school the beginning of last week. The little bell went off to indicate it was time to get gas. It had been going off for days...I just kept thinking it will make it a little farther. I knew it was time though and was going to stop on the way to school. As we headed for school the car started sputtering. I begged...just a little farther PLEASE! Well, we only made it as far as the Courthouse half way through town. I sat there cursing myself for putting off the trip to get gas. What to do now? I was in my slippers, some of Beaux's clothes, crazy hair and yesterday's makeup and I had not brushed my teeth. Not unlike many other mornings. I saw a car coming that looked like Shannon King's so I jumped out to wave her down. It wasn't Shannon, but it was someone I knew and she asked if the kids needed a ride. "Yes, please". Then Emma and I got out of the van to walk for help to my great embarrassment and shame! I only had to go a block to our mechanic's shop. Luckily Dan had about a dollars worth of gas in a tank that would get me to the station. Do you know how embarrassing it is to run out of gas on Main Street as a grown woman?...and then add the crazy clothes I was wearing and the fact that all the other parents were bringing their kids to school too! I just hung my head in shame doing my best not to make eye contact with the cars passing by, because if I didn't know how many people saw me I could pretend they didn't. That worked all the way until I got to the bank and one of the tellers mentioned seeing me stranded along side the road. She said " I thought you looked totally hot, but I could tell you hadn't brushed your teeth" Thank you. Please rub salt in my wound. =} She was teasing ofcoarse.

The week got better though. Friday we went to Beaux's game in Colton. They lost, but he played with a smile on his face and had a good time and made some points and pulled down a lot of rebounds.

Saturday the kids pooled their money and bought themselves a go cart. It really zooms! It is so funny to hear them giggling and yelling while they are speeding off.

Football and Basketball season have kept Beaux from coming home on weekends a lot. Thankfully b-ball is nearly over. Sometimes Beaux just has other plans to spend time with friends. Friday I was expecting him to come home with us, but he had other plans. Since he is a senior we have granted him freedom. More than I would like. So he didn't come home. I miss him so much and I hear the clock ticking very loudly counting down the time he has left with us. This is the change of a season for him and he will soon be on his own. I laid in bed crying Sunday morning thinking of wasted time I couldn't get back. I have vowed not to give him guilt trips about it or to nag or beg. Last night he called just to talk. It melted my heart. There have been many things he has done and said lately that have reassured us that he will be alright. Teenagers do come to their senses and I see my sweet little Beaux again.

Sunday after church we headed to Riverbend for a "long explore" and s'mores. The explore was not very long due to the cold weather and we gathered around the fire to keep warm. There is a peace there, a quiet, like being able to breath again. It is good for our souls and we can handle another busy week ahead...

Monday, February 2, 2009

The S-H- word

It was time to leave for school so I sent all the kids to the car while I put my shoes on. When I got in the car Riley said:

"Mom, Casey said the S-H- word."

"WHAT! Casey, you do not use that kind of language!" and I gave him a pop on the top of the head.

Casey just grinned at me and said "Mom... I said shut-up."

"Oh..., well don't use that word either."