Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 4th Child

When Beaux was little I chose his clothes every day. Everything matched all the way to his undies. He had more shoes than I did. If ever he thought that something didn't quite match the rest of his clothes (at the age of three) he would go find something that did. He always had the latest hair cuts to match his cool uncles. If he ever had a speck of dirt on him or a hair out of place it was fixed in a jiffy. I always had baby wipes. He was picture perfect. He was the first child...

Let's just say things have changed! This is the t-shirt Emma decorated herself. She used a purple pen she got from the dentist. She was so proud of her work. So I let her wear it to school. She took the pen with her and let all of her friends sign it too. Such is the life of a fourth child. By the fourth child Mom and Dad have learned to relax. Jesse once took the kids to Walmart in costumes. Casey was Superman, Riley was a cheerleader/ballerina, and Emma was dressed in her Christmas dress...purse, hat and all.

Life is easier for a fourth child. Life is easier for Mom and Dad.

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  1. That's great! Funny, funny! Even the friends had the a chance to pitch in on the fun!