Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be Still My Soul

We love to spend any time we can at Riverbend. The sun was shining so we spent about an hour playing and soaking up the sun. Something about the sunshine brings peace to my soul. Being away from the phone & housework may have something to do with it too. The world seems to slow down a bit when we are at Riverbend.

Here the kids are in their rubber boots wading to the little island that was created by the high water.

We can spend hours there enjoying simple pleasures like... making waterfalls, digging holes, drawing maps in the sand, collecting rocks and exploring. It is heaven on earth for this family!


  1. I can't wait to join the Martin's some time at the beach. We've talked about it for years but somehow never do it, silly!

  2. You got a photography thing going on here. This makes for the most splendid blogs. I love the details, like the rock collection you captured. I am feeling the sunshine. I got to look up riverbend right now.